Monday, July 26, 2010

Take Me Home...

It is officially upon me... the week leading up to Wildwood! It's pretty hard to believe, but as usual it has snuck up on me and in less than three days I will be back in my second home. There really are no words to describe my excitement about being down there, but most of all about being with some of the BEST people EVER! 

Needless to say this week is gonna be crazy. I've got a lot going on at work that I need to get done and I've got two days to do it. The weekend was busy and as a result I'm barely packed. I'm in the midst of trying to pack while watching the Yankee game in anticipation of Alex Rodriguez hitting his 600th HR. I did have an awesome work out yesterday morning so that made me feel better. I can definitely see a difference that the extra cardio is making. I'm not quite as winded during my work outs, unless I'm boxing because your lungs are at a whole other level when you box. 

I decided that today would be a cardio day with just some ab work since I had a heavy work out yesterday. However, while I was working out yesterday I felt a strange pull in my left elbow that radiated up my forearm into my wrist. It seems that I have strained 2 of the larger tendons... let me tell you that is NOT a fun thing to strain. Any bending or pulling motion sends an electrifying pain up my arm. I knew there would be no lifting today, which was fine. And then this morning I woke up and I realized I tweaked my left hamstring at some point yesterday which of course didn't surface until today.  Regarding these two injuries, I should've gone home and done a yoga DVD to stretch out my muscles and let my body relax, but instead I went to the gym. I told myself that the elliptical would be a better option than the treadmill with no incline and going at a slower speed. Well, it might've been a better option, but it still wasn't a very good one. I did three sets each of two ab exercises and headed home. So now, I'm trying to pack and hobbling around like an old lady. This is what happens though... I have it in my head that missing out on a work out is a problem. The fact that I'll be away for ten days I have to push myself to the max before I leave otherwise I'll feel like I don't look my best. Yes, I realize that is slightly twisted, but when you are a former fat girl this is unfortunately how your brain works. 

Food hasn't been bad. I've definitely upped the protein and added more veggies into the mix, but I have unfortunately discovered the M&M pretzels which is going to present a BIG problem. I was popping them in my mouth as if they had no calories last week and while I crave them, I'm kind of glad that the bag is empty. Tomorrow night I'm going down to PNC Bank Arts Center to see the Goo Goo Dolls with my cousin so the food will not be as good as I'd like, but Wednesday I'll be back to normal before vacation starts. Even when I go on vacation I don't let everything go to hell. There's actually a gym not far from the hotel that I've been going to the past 2 years so I plan on making an appearance there. I definitely kick back more when I'm on vacation, but I don't completely let myself go either because then I'd really be a lunatic. I would like to cook more when I'm down there but somehow that never really ends up happening and ice cream is mandatory every night so thank God for that gym. I plan on blogging at least once from the shore... I found out last weekend that even my hair stylist reads my blog! I can't even tell you how much that means to me that people actually look forward to reading what I have to say. I certainly hope I don't disappoint! Until next time... 


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