Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hips Don't Lie...

It's pretty hard to believe this week is almost over already. Last weekend is kind of a blur with all the sadness of Bill's passing. Mom & I headed out to Long Island on Saturday to pay our respects. I still don't believe that he's gone, but there is one thing I do know & that is that I'm so lucky to have had him in my life. There's that quote about how people come into your life & you know right away they were meant to be there... that's how it was for me with Bill & probably everyone else in the Wildwood crew. He won't ever be forgotten.

Well this week was the week of truth... my first weigh in and measurement check since I started my new work out regime. Scales make me nervous... It's easy to say the numbers don't matter, but in this present society when you're a female more when it comes to weight is definitely NOT better.

The first round of measurements were done on October 5th and the second were done November 9th. The October numbers are in parenthesis.

Body Fat 30.8% (31.8%)
Hips 42 (42 1/2)
Thigh 22 (22 1/2)
Waist 32 3/4 (33 1/2)
Right Bicep 11 1/4 (11 1/2)
Shoulders 40 (41)

After BMI calculations etc turns out I lost a total of 3 inches and over 2lbs of fat!! My weight is down 5 pounds, which goes to show despite putting on some muscle, I'm still shedding the unwanted pounds. I was definitely very pleased with the results. I know that I still have a long way to go, but it's nice to see that the hard work is paying off. A girl has to eat a lot of chicken to achieve those numbers.

Tuesday's training session was a full body work out, but modified from the first time Joe put me through it. I made it through round 2 a lot better than round 1. Cardio after that was not so fun, but I forced myself. It feels really good to be going in the right direction again. Clothes are starting to feel better, so that is usually a tell tale sign that something is going right. It's still a battle every day when I force myself to eat oatmeal instead of picking up a bagel with cream cheese on my way to work. I know this whole thing would be easier if I didn't have such a deep love for chocolate, but alas it's a flaw I just can't shake.

Through all this though I find that while I feel extremely motivated I most definitely miss boxing. It was such a big accomplishment for me to get coordinated enough to punch and move at the same time that I really looked forward to the challenge of doing harder punch combinations. It's been nearly 3 months since I've put the gloves on, and the urge to hit something is pretty strong. I've been told I have a lot of pent up rage, but we all have to find out outlets so I think I'll be asking for a heavy bag for Christmas :)

Tomorrow I'll be back at the gym and I plan on getting in there over the weekend. My short term goal is to drop at least another 5 before Christmas, but I think I'll be a little greedy and hope for a little more! With a lot of hard work & a little luck I just may get the Jessica Biel body I've been hoping for.

One final note... I heard this on the radio today & I thought I was hallucinating because I was half asleep but apparently the New Kids on the Block & the Backstreet Boys are teaming up for a concert?! Turns out... it's the truth..
The Right Stuff & I Want It That Way at the same concert?! Heaven for a boyband lover. I do hope they come to NJ or NYC :) 

Until next time! 


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