Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's good to be back! Sorry for the delay in posts, but the past 2 weeks have been kinda crazy. Between midterms, the gym, and work and the baseball playoffs I've been going non-stop. I'm sad to say my Yankees didn't make it past game 6 of the ALCS, which naturally didn't sit well with me. They got outplayed by Texas, & it was good to see two really deserving teams like Texas & San Francisco make it to the World Series. I will say though that the high light of the ALCS for me at least was sitting and watching Game 5 with my dad. Yankees played awesome that night & I felt like a little kid again just sitting there with him even though I know more about baseball now than he does :)

I made it through midterms... by some miracle I passed finance & I rocked my community health midterm! I wish I could say I had a bit of a break until finals, but that would be highly unrealistic. It's flu season at work, which means a busy office which is a good thing but sometimes the chaos is overwhelming especially when the next day off in sight is Thanksgiving.

Workouts have been going well. Last week I was on my own because my trainer had an event to go to the night of our normally scheduled session. I definitely feel like I am pushing myself more than I have in awhile. Joe suggested that I do my cardio after I lift, which normally would've been the last thing I wanted to do & even though I LOATHE cardio, it's honestly not so bad. I definitely think that is helping me.

Tonight we focused on the lower body. I'm not gonna lie... I was kinda nervous for it. Considering after my upper body work out I couldn't put my hair up in a pony tail for almost 2 days, I was imagining that I wouldn't be able to sit for almost 2 days. Luckily, it wasn't quite so bad. I did squats with a 20 lb straight barbell across my chest, one leg leg presses, straight leg dead lifts with a 20 lb barbell and hip extensions on a stability ball. I was very thankful that Joe realized that any more exercises than that would've completely killed me. I was just glad that my knee held up through it all because that was another worry in the back of my mind. He had me finish up with some cardio, but reminded me to take it easy due to the fact that my legs were feeling like jello. Needless to say, that was one of the most challenging treadmill workouts I've had in quite awhile. When you feel like you can't get your legs underneath you, it makes it pretty difficult to feel like you are in a good stride. I was able to walk off the treadmill in one piece which is really all I can ask. There was a guy next to me on the treadmill and he was running with such ease and I have to say I just wanted to smack him. How do people do that? Just looking at him made me feel tired and he was running like it was nothing at all. I have accepted that I will never be one of those people, but kudos to him for doing it so well.

Food has been good. This time of year is when it really starts to get hard. We do a lot of pre-holiday baking in my house to try things out before the holidays and it is very difficult to steer clear of the sweets. Still, I have been really good and watching my carb intake. Lots of eggs and veggies! Although I have to say, I'm at the point where I'm ready to divorce oatmeal. I can barely get it down these days, but I keep reminding myself it's all for the greater good. I've also had it with chicken, but I know for my best interest I can't give it up. Next week should be time for remeasuring and a weight check so I'll have a better idea of where I'm at. Clothes are feeling good. Pants that felt a little snug a few weeks ago are feeling great now. I guess that has to be a sign that I'm doing something right.

Before I sign off, I would like to mention the loss of a truly amazing man who touched so many lives just by being a part of them... Bill Waldron. You were such a big part of my childhood & you made all of us in the crew feel like one of your own kids. I am grateful that I had the pleasure of spending so many summers around you.  You will never be forgotten by me or by anyone else who's life you touched. We will never be the same without our fearless leader, but we will do our best to keep alive what you helped create... a group that loves spending time together & comes together when it matters the most. R.I.P. <3

Busy next couple of days... how is it November already? I'm definitely going to be looking forward to gaining an hour of sleep this weekend. Until next time...


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