Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Start Me Up...

First order of business... there are a few things I need to bitch about. Last week was absolute HELL. The office was insanely busy, which meant cranky patients, cranky staff all of which wasn't helped by the fact that we were short staffed. I'm just curious if people think coming up to the window 5 times to be rude to the receptionists is going to help anything? It just felt like we couldn't do anything fast enough, couldn't get ahead with anything... by Thursday night I wanted to take a big straw & stick it in a double magnum of red wine. Factor school into this equation & I wanted to scream. The end of the semester is full of the nonsense professors try to cram in before classes wrap up & then there is the annoyance of trying to register for the next semester.

Although the icing on the cake happened this morning. I was at the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts waiting patiently to order my coffee & as I approached the window I noticed my order was waiting at the window. This wouldn't seem strange except the person in front of me decided that she wouldn't use the standard talk into the box to place your order method. She waited until she got up to to the window so the cashier would be unprepared for her to place an order. This held up the line even more. I was absolutely enraged! Who goes to a drive thru and does something like that? There should be a sign displaying drive thru edict because clearly some people have no idea how to properly utilize a drive thru!

Okay... rant is over. So after putting up some good numbers at the weigh in last week, I was feeling pretty determined to improve for next month. I got in the newly revised full body work out on Thursday & then did a cardio work out on Friday. Yesterday we went through a core work out. For those of you who have never done a core work out do not for one second think because you aren't lifting heavy weights that it is easy. Personally, I think core is much more difficult than weight lifting. I had to put my forearms on a bosu ball (that's half a stability ball with a flat hard rubber bottom) and hold up my entire body weight for a minute. Doesn't sound so bad? I dare you to try it. Next I had to hold myself up on one arm... and since I was reminded we have two sides I got to do it on the other side next. Absolutely awful. There is no satisfaction in doing those. Talk about dripping sweat. There were a total of 5 core exercises followed up by some treadmill time. By the time I walked out of there, every part of my clothes were sticking to me. I suppose that's a sign that the mission was accomplished.

Today my entire body hurts, but it's the good kind of hurt. I won't get back into the gym until Friday, & I'm planning on doing a full body work out with some core added in. Saturday will probably be a cardio day... yay. I miss boxing so much that I asked for a punching bag for Christmas :)

Food has been good although I am so fed up with oatmeal, chicken, salad, chicken, oatmeal, & did I mention chicken? I probably should be eating a little more than I have been, but I've been so busy I usually just postpone it. It usually takes me more than the morning to finish my coffee so that's just an idea how the rest of the day goes. Food gets boring & sometimes it's hard to come up with new & exciting HEALTHY alternatives. While I'm on the hunt for some new stuff, I will deal with having to eat the boring healthy stuff because it helps the whole process along. Why couldn't there be no calories in bagels? Or cream cheese?

I still can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week. I finalized my menu on Monday night and pasta making commences on Sunday. I've always loved Thanksgiving... we get to combine our Italian traditions with a classic American holiday. Even though it's a lot of work, I really do enjoy cooking for Thanksgiving. I do not enjoy having to go to work the day after though. Back in the day, mom & I used to hit the mall & do a bulk of Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Believe it or not, we always hit it just right & never got caught in any kind of rush. I would definitely prefer to be doing that than be at work, but this is all part of being a grown up... ICK.

I'm glad tomorrow is Thursday... that means the week is almost over! The other night I purchased my Harry Potter tickets for me, dad, & 2 of my sisters! So excited! Deathly Hallows was my favorite book in the Potter saga. Also gonna preview the new Rascal Flatts cd tomorrow. Definitely looking forward to that. I'll report back on both. The one thing I've been thinking about the past few days other than Derek Jeter's contract negotiations is the spa in the Borgata hotel in AC. It is like a little piece of paradise. After an amazing massage they have this room with 2 big jacuzzis, a steam room & lounge chairs all around as if you were sitting at a pool. Total relaxation. I'll just keep pretending I'm there instead of here.
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