Friday, January 14, 2011

Falling Apart?

I hope everyone in the tri-state area made it through the second snow storm of the season all right. I HATE snow & will be happy when spring rolls in. Sure the snow looks pretty while it's falling, but after that it's just one big mess. Especially when there's too much snow and no where to put it. Trying to park is absolute hell because the snow covers up too much of the space so perfectly good parking spaces can't be utilized. AWFUL.

Okay, enough of my snow bitching. The start of the week was definitely sad because Chris & John headed back to the caribbean & don't come back until April. It's just not the same when all 4 of us aren't together, but I'm hoping the time will go by fast.

I would like to say that after almost 4 months of serious working out my body feels great, but it feels anything but that. I literally feel like I've been hit by a truck and everything hurts, my left shoulder in particular. It's so incredibly frustrating because I can't lift the way that I want because my shoulder gets tired so quickly and then starts to hurt. My right side feels perfectly fine, but then there's my left shoulder not holding up its end of the deal. The pain is pretty intense at times & I've tried everything from ice packs to heat packs to anti inflammatories and nothing is doing the trick. Joe said that since I haven't really taken a break since we started training back in October, it's time I take a week off.

A WHOLE WEEK?! I couldn't believe my ears, but apparently it's good to rest your body completely every 12 weeks give or take. The body gets used to doing certain things & then hits a plateau & plateaus are the WORST. You feel like you are working hard, but the numbers aren't changing. Joe explained that by allowing the body to rest and recover when it's time to start up again, it's almost like a shock and the body will respond better. I'm all for a positive response & there's no doubt that these muscles could use a break, but considering I am after all a former fat girl, it makes me a little nervous to shut down even for only a week.

Then I thought about it... one week isn't really THAT long in the grand scheme of things & considering I've been doing well with my portions and what I've been eating I should be able to keep things under control while resting my body. The plan is to do weigh in and measurements on Tuesday & then rest up until the following Tuesday. I've been trying to get a little more cardio in the past couple of weeks due to the holidays & I wish I could say at this point I was starting to tolerate it a little better than before, but alas I loathe cardio. There was a girl on a treadmill next to me the other day running at full speed like it was absolutely no big deal. Meanwhile, I'm sucking wind after a 30 second sprint. She looked like she could go all day on that treadmill & I just couldn't wait until my time was up.

Today I enjoyed a long overdue day off that wasn't a national holiday or a state of emergency! I treated myself to an upper body massage to try & get my shoulder fixed. Turns out my left scapula (basically the whole shoulder blade) is not only inflamed but full of knots that aren't easy to get rid of. LOVELY. The massage therapist advised that I have it worked on again soon. Considering how long it took me to get this day off I can only hope it doesn't take as long for another one.  

Tomorrow I'll be hitting the gym again & then Tuesday is the big weigh in. I will make sure to report back with the results. I'm hoping they'll be really good & just maybe I can snag myself this guy...
The one & only Tim Tebow <3 I'll keep working hard. 

Until next time... 


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