Sunday, June 6, 2010

Working It Out...

Well it's no secret that I've had the hunger of a teenage boy the past few weeks and it's been driving me crazy. When you battle your weight something like constant hunger makes you worry. After my awesome day in NYC yesterday, I planned on making up for it today.

For breakfast I had some cantaloupe and two egg whites and one egg scrambled with some cheese. I washed it down with some coffee and then got ready for my work out. Today was my serious work out day & my favorite of all because it was a boxing day. In an effort to step up my calorie burn, it was a combination of weight lifting and boxing. If you've never boxed before it kills your lungs no other. If you don't learn to put your whole body into a punch your arms will feel like someone gave you a dead arm. Needless to say by the time I was done I was a sweaty mess and exhausted. But I had to drive up to my aunt's house to get all the stuff out of my car from my cousin's apartment. In this gross humidity my cousin and I took all her stuff out of my car and into the house and up to her room. Dripping with sweat seems to be a state of being these days. She told me I should be happy her stuff was giving me a second work out. I guess I gotta give her that one.

In an effort to deal with my insane hunger, I was advised to up my protein in take and add a little more fat to my eating. I wish I liked those protein drinks..I've tried about 3 different types but they all make me gag. I've been told to try them with some fruit so I may have to venture down that road again. In the mean time I will be eating more eggs and chicken. I didn't think it was possible to eat more chicken but I guess I'll find out. Lunch was a chicken club on whole wheat with a little bit of mayo. For dinner I made pasta with sausage, peas and some mozzarella. When you're Italian having pasta on a Sunday is an unspoken rule. Having the sausage in it definitely held my hunger longer than usual. I finished off the night with a Greek yogurt. Tomorrow is a cardio day... my least favorite part about working out. Below are some pictures from my work out today. I used to not be able to hold myself up on a stability ball and do a push up at the same time but now I can which is a pretty big deal. Doing a push up like this really makes you use your core and I'm all for any exercise that forces me to make my core work even though it's usually hard as hell. I like a challenge.

Well, until tomorrow and my dreadful cardio work out!

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